New Avenues in Game Dialogue

Cette version pour téléphone intelligent du Jacques le fataliste de Diderot permet au lecteur de jouer le rôle du maître
--- Jouez à Hammurabi dans votre navigateur Hammurabi est une refonte du jeu de gestion du même nom, créé en
--- Play Hammurabi in your browser Hammurabi is a remake of the 1968 management game of the same name. This
--- Half of the Danish court lies dead after a series of puzzling macabre events. It's your job to untangle
--- You are challenged to assume the role of a prophet—someone who has just heard from some divinity and strives
--- A Tough Sell is LabLabLab’s first natural language conversational game prototype. You play the role of Snow White’s evil stepmother.
Play here Subject and Subjectivity is a conversational game that tasks players with matching their friends with ideal bachelors. You