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Subject and Subjectivity: A Conversational Game using Possible Worlds (2017)

Kybartas, Ben; Verbrugge, Clark; Lessard, Jonathan. “Subject and Subjectivity: A Conversational Game using Possible Worlds”. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling. Funchal:Portugal, 2017.

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We present Subject and Subjectivity, an exploratory conver- sational game where players are tasked with matching their friends with the ideal bachelor. The system uses a modal logic approach to modeling the narrative, based upon Marie-Laure Ryan’s possible worlds model for narrative. The dialogue occurs in real-time and consists of navigating each character’s multiple and often con icting world views. The system allows exible character authoring, demonstrated by having the demo be playable with either hand-authored or procedurally generated char- acters. The demo serves as an early experiment into the use of possible worlds logic for interactive storytelling and dialogue systems.

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