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Ocith Leverre, Who Could Not Live Up to His Mother’s Reputation

A retelling of a #Chroniqueur emergent story

Our @FDGconf Paper on Chroniqueur's encyclopedic interface:
"Automatic Interactive Documentation for Emergent Story Discovery"
Blabbeur, our author-friendly text generation plugin for #unity3d is free and here's a tutorial on how to use it!
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Edwur is bad to the bone, getting into drunk fights since the age of 2... 🧵 LeLabLabLab photo
sad and buggy story...

Clementille was starving. She managed to steal *nothing* from Antonon without getting caught. Yet, she was banished for doing that. She failed to plead her case and died of starvation in exile.
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"This is not a good place. The air is filled with a sketchy feeling" LeLabLabLab photo