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Blabbeur – An Accessible Text Generation Authoring System for Unity (2021)

Lessard, J., & Kybartas, Q. (2021). Blabbeur—An Accessible Text Generation Authoring System for Unity. International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Tallinn. (Download PDF Article)

Blabbeur is a text generation plugin for Unity that was developed for Chroniqueur emergent narrative project

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It can be downloaded here:

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  • Easy to learn
  • Context-aware
  • Generative
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Integrated in Unity
  • Version-control friendly
  • Support collaborative authoring


Excerpt from a Blabbeur grammar le used to generate accident descriptions.
  • Symbols: followed by colons describe a text fragment
  • [Symbols] in brackets are recursively resolved
  • Symbols separated by ; will be randomly picked
  • Symbols preceded by {conditions in curly brackets} can only be picked if the condition is met.
  • <Variables> in square brackets are resolved as their values.

Unity integration

A Blabbeur content-request in C#
  • A Blabbeur dictionary is created with the variables necessary for a specific request
  • The grammar name and the property dictionary is passed to the Blabbeur Singleton which returns a string.

Test environment

The Blabbeur test environment
  • A Unity scene is provided to test Blabbeur grammars
  • Authors can quickly try multiple value combinations to test the consistency of outputs.